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Posted by CBNovember 16, 2018

Definitely Highly recommended!! Someone who will go to bat for you. Very strong minded as well as persistent and very reliable. Im confident in his work and ability as an attorney to always have your side and get the job done.This review is from a person who hired this attorney.Hired attorney

Posted by Brittney July 11, 2018


Did what other lawyers couldn't

In a short story I having better opportunities moved from Arkansas to Texas, my daughters dad and his family still lived in Arkansas. We have been doing the whole custody thing for four years. I spoke to a few lawyers in NW Arkansas, even started my 4 year custody case with a different lawyer. When she wasn't aggressive enough and it felt like gaining custody of my daughter was a lost cause with no one telling me I even had a chance, I hired Eldon Cripps to be my lawyer. Many lawyers and others said a judge would never assign custody of a child to someone out of state when there was a parent living in state they could assign it to. This man worked several hours, over the weekend, late into the night and was a ROCKSTAR! He managed to get me full custody of my child, and have several accusations against me to be ADMITTED by the other side to be false! He is a tough, honest man and I don't believe any other lawyer could have achieved what he did for me. I highly recommend him, I only wish he was licensed in Texas so I could refer him more! He is certainly not for those who are faint of heart, but if you are willing to fight for your case, so is he! and you will be GLAD he is on your side come time for court!!!

Posted by Laura June 12, 2018



5.0 stars

Eldon Cripps was exactly what I needed for my mediation. He was to the point and honest with me. He will be brutally honest with you and aggressive but that is what you need when working with the court's system. He made me feel confident in putting my foot down with disagreements from the opposing party and really helped settle our dispute. Eldon is fantastic!

Posted by Vivian Mattes November 18, 2016


I didn't hire him because he was nice

4.0 stars

I hired EC because he had a reputation for being an aggressive attorney.

I needed an aggressive attorney to fight for child support contempt that then turned into child custody battled.

He always returned emails quickly. He never sugar coated anything. He was brutally honest when he needed to be.

He won my case and in the end I received even more than I expected.

I would recommend him to friends in need of a strong attorney.