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Q: At what age can my child/children decide who they want to live with?

A: Under current Arkansas law, a child under the age of 18 does not get to pick which divorced parent they get to live with. The older a child is the more weight a Judge may give to the child’s preference, but the ultimate decision is in the discretion of the Judge.

Q: How long must I live in Arkansas in order to file for divorce here?

A: A person must reside in the State of Arkansas for a minimum of 60 days prior to filing for divorce.

Q: What is the time frame in which I can get an annulment of my marriage?

A: The length of a marriage has nothing to do with whether you are entitled to an annulment, I have annulled marriages that were in place for a year or more and had to divorce clients that were married for only a few weeks.

Q: If my spouse and I agree on the divorce, can you represent both of us?

A: While one attorney can handle the divorce, an attorney can only represent one of the parties. What may be in your best interest, may very well not be in your spouse’s best interest, in this case, if the attorney is representing both parties, he would have put himself in a conflict situation.